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Christine Dwiggins


A short Synopsis

Vision & Passion

Scottsdale born into a multi-generational real estate family, I have a broad background in the industry. My passion, leadership and vision, combined with experience in brokerage, management, marketing and technology give me a unique perspective and skill set. I am known for being an adaptable, passionate, strong, driven person and a progressive big-picture thinker, who is also a bit of a perfectionist, that likes to turn visions into reality.


Education & Work


University of San Diego

University of San Diego

B.A. of Communications
Minor in Business Real Estate 

NextHome, Inc. 

Vice President of Marketing & Events 

Shibori workshop: Japanese dye techniques

Heart & Soul


Utilizing the range of my experience and skills to bring creativity, strategy and perspective within the real estate industry. I like to challenge strategies with new ideas for change and look at practical implementations to execute effectively.


Strategic Thinker

I combine my ability to think large, evaluate change, analyze angles and challenge the status quo with my strength as detail-oriented person to bring big ideas to life.

Practically Creative

Design, messaging and presentation make an impact, especially when they are influential in the field. My variety of industry roles and experiences help me turn ideas and concepts into effective marketing.

Tenaciously driven

I’ve been called passionate, driven, tenacious, determined and strong by many. These words are descriptive of myself and characteristics I share with my fellow REALTORS®,  who impact our industry and communities everyday.


Industry Leader

My leadership is born from a desire to give back to my industry, my community and leave a positive footprint in the world. It's a passion for me to help influence progress and to constantly learn, and grow, as an individual. 


Current Location

San Francisco

Travel is a passion. Cultures, countries and exploration broaden our minds, giving us an irreplaceable perspective, and an appreciation for the gifts in our lives. 

I've lived in San Francisco since I graduated college and while my first couple years in The City were an ebb and flow of a love/hate relationship, my appreciation and love of San Francisco has grown. It truly is one of the most beautiful and wonderful cities on earth. 

I've always been an experiential learner and had the fortune to travel to many places. Born in Scottsdale, AZ, and having lived in San Diego before San Francisco I have also traveled to amazing places across the world. From sailing the crystal clear waters of the caribbean, to climbing down the narrow entrance of the middle of the three pyramids of Giza in Egypt, to hours viewing art at countless museums such as the Hermitage in Russia...the gift of my memories span across more than 13 countries and more than half the states in the U.S. 

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.
— Henry David Thoreau